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Artificial Flowers: The Year-Round Wedding Option

By Florist Chronicles  //  Weddings  //  8 Comments

A wedding is one of the most unforgettable and important events of one’s life, and you want it to be a perfect event — from the wedding ring and wedding gown to the wedding cake and the wedding decorations. Your ceremony and reception’s theme is often the key to pulling each individual element together to create a magical experience for the bride, groom and all the guests.

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Unique Ideas for a Wedding with No Flowers

By inMotion Flowers  //  Great Ideas, Weddings  //  10 Comments

When most people think of weddings, they envision lovely, lavish flower arrangements. But, believe it or not, some brides simply don’t like or want flowers. They may be allergic to certain kinds of flowers. They may want a nontraditional wedding without the huge traditional flower centerpieces and arrangements. Or they want to maintain a minimalistic, fresh and modern look for their wedding ceremony.

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Make Gorgeous Flower Choices for Your Wedding

By Gina B. Kellogg  //  Weddings  //  2 Comments

Avoiding a Floral Flop

You’ve chosen the colors for your wedding. You’ve picked out your gown and the bridesmaids’ dresses. Now you’re ready to choose the flowers for your bouquets.

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The Ultimate Wedding Flower Guide

By inMotion Flowers  //  Great Ideas, Weddings  //  14 Comments

Are you planning a wedding and not sure what wedding flowers you need, or how to go about getting a quote? We know exactly how you feel, as we get daily enquiries from brides to be who aren’t sure where to begin, or what to ask for. So to help get you started, we’ve put together this simple and easy to follow wedding flower guide, listing all the most important floral requirements you need to consider for your wedding day:

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