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Secrets of Flowers Revealed

By Terry Johnson  //  All About Flowers, Off The Wall  //  4 Comments

It is quite easy and understandable to be caught up in the fast pace and stress of our 21st century culture and miss the importance of how greatly flowers can positively affect our lives in many almost metaphysical ways.

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Valentine’s Day: Just One More Reason to Give Flowers

By Gina B. Kellogg  //  Valentine’s Day  //  2 Comments

Have you heard others refer to Valentine’s Day as simply a “Hallmark holiday”? Have you bought into the idea that giving flowers to your loved one on that day is simply acquiescing to society’s consumerist expectations? You haven’t? Good! Because none of it is true!

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Flower Power: Emotional Benefits of Fresh Flowers

By Gina B. Kellogg  //  All About Flowers  //  9 Comments

Want to banish a bad mood? Bring home some blossoms.

Don’t wait until your sweetheart appears with a bouquet of blooms to give your home some floral flair. The health benefits of adorning your abode with flowers are worth splurging on the blossoms for yourself. Science proves it.

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