Extraordinary Halloween Floral Arrangement Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner. Just a few weeks more, and little ghouls and goblins will be running around outside, knocking on every door and demanding treats in trade for not initiating any tricks. So rather than spook the kiddos with toilet-paper mummies or freakish, hunchback statues, encourage your visitors’ best behavior, instead. Put a new twist on “scary” with a ghastly gorgeous Halloween display that focuses on the traditional Jack-o’-lantern.

Halloween Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

Halloween Pumpkin Flower Arrangements

Here are some trendy ideas for Halloween flower arrangements:

Pumpkin Halloween Vase

pumpkin vase stars and flowers

Pumpkin Halloween Vase

You can transform a simple faux pumpkin into an eerie daisy Halloween vase by spray-painting the pumpkins with a matte black finish. Once the pumpkins have dried, carefully etch the surface and cut a hole in the top with a sharp paring knife.

Then, fill with water and accurately measured flower food and drop in a bouquet of orange daisies to create an eye-catching Halloween masterpiece.

You can find flowers at a variety of retailers such as your local supermarket, the neighborhood floral shop, online sellers or brick-and-mortar florist shops.

You could even make your own black flowers… here are 3 Easy Techniques to Create Black Flowers.

Chrysanthemums on Pumpkins

If daisies aren’t your style, other options include chrysanthemums in different colors, shapes and sizes. To add some interest to the display, use a variety of shades of orange-colored chrysanthemums. To add even more interest, use pumpkins in different sizes. Place some on the ground and place others on hay bales and upside-down baskets to add some height.

Chrysanthemums in Pumpkin Vase

Chrysanthemums in a Pumpkin Vase

Hags’ Huge Pot Display

What is Halloween without your usual pot-stirring, maniacally laughing witch? To recreate an iconic witch’s cauldron, sans the ickiness and gore, fill a black pot with natural, dried flowers, grasses and berries. Include a bag of scented potpourri and some bare branches to add dramatic–and aromatic–effect. Toss in a block of dry ice for additional spooky drama.

Looking for more Halloween ideas? Check out our 9 Tips to Create Ghostly Decor.





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