Create Your Own Unique Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement

Combine flowers with candy to create an easy, personalized gift for Valentine’s Day that will make any heart swoon.

Create Your Own Unique Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement

Create Your Own Unique Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement

Valentines Day Flower & Candy Arrangement

Combine flowers with candy to create an easy, personalized gift for Valentine’s Day that will make any heart swoon.

Extraordinary Halloween Floral Arrangement Ideas

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Halloween Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

With Halloween just around the corner, put a new twist on “scary” with a ghastly gorgeous Halloween display that focuses on the traditional Jack-o’-lantern.

Valentines Roses May Make Her Swoon, but Tulips Can for Less

Tulips Are Another Favorite for Valentine's Day Giving

The Valentines rose is the traditional choice for valentine gift-giving, but surveys show other flowers may actually be your beloved’s preferred flower.

Valleflor: The Road Less Traveled

Delphinium Flowers

Cut flowers grow in lots of shapes and sizes in Ecuador. Still, most flower farms there focus on roses. Valleflor fills the gap with its abundant variety of blooms.

Roses from Living Soil

Red Rose

We continue our series by globe-trotting floral-industry expert, Terry Johnson, on his travels to Ecuador rose grower Fresh Cut in South America.

Ecuador Rose Grower Nurtures Flowers With Love

Fresh Roses Ready for Shipping to Florists

Ecuador rose grower Greenrose Farm emphasizes environmental methods in producing its roses to ensure the flowers, land and workers are cared for.

Where Do Cut Flowers Grow & How Do They Reach Me?

Tulip Field in Holland

Flowers take an amazing journey to reach your florist. From prepping at the grower in faraway lands through the rigors of customs inspections, they follow a perilous path.

The Effects of Bad Customer Service

Bad Customer Service

Bad customer service can have long-lasting negative consequences for your business when angry customers use social media to share their experience with others.

Send Flowers for Mothers Day — Without the Hidden Fees

Mothers Day Bouquet: Kale Roses, Hypericum, Dahlias, Thistle, Poppy and Scabiosa Pods

Sending Mothers Day flowers shows mom your appreciation. But it can also show off your shopping skills. These tips help save money and avoid hidden fees.

How to Give Stylishly Chic Mother’s Day Flowers

Sweetheart Rose Pave Flower Arrangement

Treat your Mom with one of these stylishly designed Mother’s Day bouquets rather than a box of chocolates that will cost her hours in the gym.

Secrets of Flowers Revealed

Bouquet of White Roses With Yellow Calla Lilies

Flowers do more than decorate our homes. They improve our lives in profound, mysterious and, perhaps, even life-altering ways with research proving their scientific advantages.

How to Make Sugar-Frosted Flowers

Sugar-Frosted Flowers - Cup Cakes

Give a high-style look to desserts and cocktails by adding sugar-coated flowers that you can make yourself at home with simple, inexpensive ingredients.

Valentine’s Day Aftermath: Don’t Give Up After a Bad Bouquet

Rose Pettals and Ribbon Heart

Did a hideous Valentine’s Day bouquet leave you frustrated and disillusioned? Learn how to avoid future romantic misfortune and become a savvy floral shopper.

Valentine’s Day: Just One More Reason to Give Flowers

Valentines Day Flowers and Chocolates

Have you bought into the idea that giving flowers to your loved one on Valentine’s Day is simply acquiescing to society’s consumerist expectations?

3 Easy Techniques to Create Black Flowers

Black Flowers - Dyed Black Rose

Black flowers add chic style to flower arrangements for both modern bridal bouquets and elegant home décor. Can’t find black blossoms? Learn how to make here…

Halloween Party Ideas: 9 Tips to Create Ghostly Decor

Halloween Party Ideas - Pumpkins Lanterns

Looking for Halloween party ideas? Here are 9 creative Halloween tips to ensure your Halloween celebration is a ghostly occasion your guests won’t forget.