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Ecuador Rose Grower Nurtures Flowers With Love

By Terry Johnson  //  All About Flowers, Off The Wall, Organic Flowers  //  4 Comments

Ecuador rose farms were the destination of globe-trotting floral-industry expert Terry Johnson as he traveled to South America to report on the topic for Florist Chronicles. Here is the first of several stories describing his journeys.

I travel quite a lot. During flights from one city to another, invariably, a fellow passenger strikes up a conversation, which leads him or her to ask what business I’m in. When I say I’m in the floral industry, many times they ask, “Are you a florist?”

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Flower Grower to Consumer in 24 hours: FloraHolland

By Florist Chronicles  //  All About Flowers, Off The Wall  //  4 Comments

Where Beauty Meets Business

From a nursery in Holland to an apartment in Paris within 24 hours… How do they do it?

FloraHolland is the largest flower market on earth. With 4 000 employees, 3 000 customers and exporters, 120 000 transactions per day and 12 billion units of flowers and plants traded per year, they own a staggering 60% of the worldwide flower and plant export market!

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