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Where Do Cut Flowers Grow & How Do They Reach Me?

By Terry Johnson  //  All About Flowers  //  8 Comments

Flowers grow all over the world, so I’m not surprised when people ask me where the flowers sold in florist shops or supermarkets come from and how they get from those faraway places to markets across the United States and Canada. Those are great questions, and the frequency of the queries indicates the high level of interest people have about flowers.

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Flower Grower to Consumer in 24 hours: FloraHolland

By Florist Chronicles  //  All About Flowers, Off The Wall  //  4 Comments

Where Beauty Meets Business

From a nursery in Holland to an apartment in Paris within 24 hours… How do they do it?

FloraHolland is the largest flower market on earth. With 4 000 employees, 3 000 customers and exporters, 120 000 transactions per day and 12 billion units of flowers and plants traded per year, they own a staggering 60% of the worldwide flower and plant export market!

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