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Create Your Own Unique Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement

By Gina B. Kellogg  //  Create Your Own, Great Ideas, Valentine’s Day  //  2 Comments

Valentine’s Day flowers are often associated exclusively with red roses. That floral variety and color are, by far, the most popular. Last year, in fact, more than 233 million were produced! As a result, many florists focus on the traditional red rose arrangement as their primary offering for the holiday. You’ll find a wide variety of Valentine’s Day flower arrangements and options that include this traditional romantic offering.

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Valentines Roses May Make Her Swoon, but Tulips Can for Less

By Gina B. Kellogg  //  Valentine’s Day  //  1 Comment

Valentines rose… or Valentines roses? Hmmm. Those search terms didn’t get the Google results you were looking for, eh? Try typing in Valentines day rose. Wait—do you need an apostrophe? Shouldn’t it be Valentine’s Day roses to get the best search results? Argh!

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Valentine’s Day Aftermath: Don’t Give Up After a Bad Bouquet

By Gina B. Kellogg  //  Off The Wall, Valentine’s Day  //  32 Comments

Chances are, if you received a gift for Valentine’s Day, you received flowers. After all, statistics for 2011 showed that 40 percent of all purchases were for fresh flowers. And chances are, the blossoms you received brought a smile to your face for many days after their arrival. But for a few recipients, the only emotion they received from their gift was disappointment — from the moment their blossoms arrived.

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Valentine’s Day: Just One More Reason to Give Flowers

By Gina B. Kellogg  //  Valentine’s Day  //  2 Comments

Have you heard others refer to Valentine’s Day as simply a “Hallmark holiday”? Have you bought into the idea that giving flowers to your loved one on that day is simply acquiescing to society’s consumerist expectations? You haven’t? Good! Because none of it is true!

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14 Great Valentines Day Ideas

By Florist Chronicles  //  Great Ideas, Valentine’s Day  //  20 Comments

Breaking Tradition on Valentines Day!

Once a year, on the 14th of February, we are treated to a very special day – a day full of romance, red roses, hearts, and the opportunity to express our undying love to our partners… BUT… there’s nothing like breaking tradition to add a bit of surprise and delight to your relationship! So to nudge you in the right direction, and get you thinking “out of the box”, we have put together this list of unique Valentines Day ideas to inspire you and awaken the romantic in you.

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