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Send Flowers for Mothers Day — Without the Hidden Fees

By Gina B. Kellogg  //  Mother’s Day  //  6 Comments

Mothers Day flowers are a traditional way of showing appreciation for the mom in your life. But with today’s extended families — and members living miles, and even continents, apart — arranging for a floral delivery is a bit trickier than in years gone by.

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Valentine’s Day Aftermath: Don’t Give Up After a Bad Bouquet

By Gina B. Kellogg  //  Off The Wall, Valentine’s Day  //  32 Comments

Chances are, if you received a gift for Valentine’s Day, you received flowers. After all, statistics for 2011 showed that 40 percent of all purchases were for fresh flowers. And chances are, the blossoms you received brought a smile to your face for many days after their arrival. But for a few recipients, the only emotion they received from their gift was disappointment — from the moment their blossoms arrived.

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How to Find a Florist & Save Money Sending Flowers

By Gina B. Kellogg  //  Tips & Advice  //  21 Comments

Flowers make seniors feel better. Science proves it.

Specifically, 81 percent of seniors who participated in a study by Rutgers University (Newark, N.J., U.S.A.) reported a reduction in depression following the receipt of flowers. Forty percent of seniors reported broadening their social contacts beyond their normal social circle of family and close friends. And 72 percent of the seniors who received flowers scored very high on memory tests in comparison with seniors who did not receive flowers.

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